The snag in the Wallpaper plan…

We ran into a huge snag in the wallpaper plan from last week.  While I did get a decent portion of the wallpaper done on Friday, nothing happened after that.  The power went out on Saturday night and didn’t return until Monday afternoon.  While I could have continued to do it some using the sticky paper method, we spent so much time on Sunday trying to recharge phones, and find battery-operated devices to try and get by until the power came back on, there was no time to actually work on the wallpaper.

Therefore, the plan gets pushed back until this weekend.  I do know that Krista wants to get the garden planted, so I’m going to have to work on the wallpaper some tomorrow after early release (there’s a cool thing that work does in which during the summer months, they let us out 2 hours early on Fridays so we can get a jump start on our weekends…it’s awesome). I’m hoping to get the initial layer of wallpaper all off on Friday and then work on that 2nd layer some on Friday and finished on Saturday, so I can sand the wall on Sunday.

As far as the plan for when the in-laws arrive to help with the basement, even though the wallpaper is not completed yet, Krista and I are beginning to formulate a plan.  I believe, in general, the plan is to pull the carpeting out completely, insulate the walls, put the paneling back up, and then replace the drop ceiling tiles with something different (and raise it a little) and the lights.  That may be all that we’ll be able to accomplish in the span of time they will be here.

So, it’s a busy time here in our house with projects galore.  If we can get some of this done, it’ll be time to relax for a short time on any big projects until maybe winter.


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