The Wheat-Free Life is around the corner

Another week has gone by, and I’m getting my mind right on preparing for the new wheat-free era which begins this weekend.  The hardest part, I believe, is getting mentally prepared to say no to bread.  The anticipation of it is kind of hard, but I think I’ll be ready.  I certainly hope that it will cause a big change.  While it may not be dramatic as far as weight loss (although I’d certainly like to see that too), the switch over to eating more fruits & vegetables may cause digestive changes, which could be a shock to the system.  We’ll have to see what happens…it’s exciting, yet scary all at the same time.

I felt a very minor twinge in the bottom of my foot this morning, so I know I’m not completely ready yet to begin any type of running program, but I’m hoping that it will subside by the middle of next month, so I can get going.  I’m itching to begin it, because I think that, of anything, will help me feel better, because right now, I find my energy to be lacking.  I know Krista says she feels better, because she’s been walking more, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for me.  I feel okay, but I don’t want to just feel okay.  I want to feel great.  I think running may be able to do that for me.

Next week’s post will be after the start of the wheat-free period, I’ll let you how it’s going.  I know there probably won’t be any significant results to that point, but I think it’s important to get out my thoughts on it to reinforce it.  Here’s to having a great week!


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