Sir Walter Scott would be mad too if he had to remove wallpaper

Oh, what a wicked wallpaper web we weave.  The wallpaper plan has gone up in smoke, as Krista has told me that we should quit working on it now, as it will take too long.  While that is true, she, knowing me as well as she does, knows that I would continue plugging away on it until it’s done, no matter how long it would go.  The bottom layer of wallpaper that is on the wall is just too difficult to remove, so she wanted me to contact some people to help finish it, so we can paint it…or at least get some advice on how to do so…so, I’ve put in an email to our guy, Mike, of Rescue 1 Construction, to see if he can help.  We’ll see what he has to say.

As far as the basement planning is going, we’ve finally settled on a ceiling tile…beadboard, instead of the two options I mentioned last week.  I’ve still got to finish measuring out to see how many tiles are needed (as we also need it for the office and the bathroom), but thankfully, at least that part of the planning is almost resolved, outside of the lighting.  Now, I will also have to work on planning the walls portion, as we’re going to have to get insulation, so we can put the paneling back on and paint it (unless she ends up wanting to get different walls).  I’m hoping to finish all of the planning this weekend, so I can start getting all the materials and tools ready to get started once the in-laws are here.

Finally, the garden…we were able to pick up some more compost and mulch, so we added the compost to hostas that we had planted around a tree in the front yard and the mulch over the soil in the flower garden that we had planted the week before (which was mentioned in the last post).  We ended up not being able to weed the vegetable garden in the backyard, but we did put up a fence around it to keep our schnoodle, Ted, out of it…as he had a little too much fun in the mud in the garden after a recent thunderstorm.  🙂

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  I appreciate anyone who happens to come across this either in the near or far future and reads it, as it does mean a lot.


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