Wheat-(Mostly) Free and the Summertime Abyss

I will admit that I haven’t gone completely wheat free since my last post on the subject.  Sunday, while out with my son, we went to Burger King and I had a Chicken sandwich, which came on a bun…and this morning I had a half of a bottom piece of a bagel.  I’m still down about 2 lbs from a week ago, so for the most part, I’m doing well.  I just have to try to make the best choices I can when choosing to eat out.

As far as everything else, I’m doing alright.  I still haven’t began my running program yet, but I’ve been doing some research here and there.  Next week is vacation (actually it’s probably more like basement project week), so I’ll probably begin my running program after that week.

The sunburn is gone now at this point, but the spot where the blister is at is pretty dry, so I’ve got to moisturize that.  I hope y’all are doing great.  I wish you a safe July.


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